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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We value your privacy just as much as we do with your order. Your privacy is a critical part of our commitment, and we have developed a few fundamental principles to help with the same. 


  • We are mindful of the fact that the data you give us is confidential. Therefore, throughout the operation of our services, we commit never to share your data with a third party. 


  • We ensure that the data sharing process is as simple as possible and further develop mechanisms to control the type of information on this website shared publicly. 


  • We guarantee full transparency on how we gather, use, share and store your personal information. 


Below is our Privacy Policy which incorporates all the principles we have discussed above.


How do we receive your Information?


Not all the times we may get your information from you. Once in a while, we may get the information from our partners. The information comes about due to the contracts or legal arrangements you have with us or with our partners on behalf of us. 


The permission to access your information can be acquired directly from you or through third parties; you have given consent to pass this type of information to us. 


What is the type of information we collect?


We sometimes understand you naively sign up, log in, and place your orders without even knowing the kind of information you are giving away. Our privacy policy section will let you know just how much and the type of personal information we take from you.


  • Your contact information which includes, and not limited to, name, email address, and in some instances, the payment information. 
  • All the order details you provide are captured, and that includes even the payment details in case you proceed to make any form of payment. 
  • Our server automatically collects information such as the time you logged in, your location. IP address, the type of browser you are using and the operating system. 
  • When our customer service contacts you, or you do contact them, they will ask for some information that they use to solve your problem. We also collect your personal information when you provide us with feedback on various matters regarding our services. 


Why is personal data so important to us?

There are many reasons why a website may need your personal information. Our website requires your personal data for the following:


  • We need your personal data to deliver the services and products you have requested or ordered for. An example is the email address needed for the delivery of the order placed. 


  • When we have your existing information, we will automatically provide you with the products and services we have within the shortest time on your visit to our website. 


  • We provide you with more information about the products and services you have previously purchased with us. 


  • We need your personal data to deliver our services and products under a legally binding contract. 




We provide you with the option of getting notifications from your browser each time a cookie file pops up on your screen. You have the option to either turn off the cookies through browser settings or leave them on and receive the notifications. 


However, it’s important to note that once you turn off the cookies, there are certain features on our website that will be limited or unavailable. But you don’t need to worry; you can place your orders regardless of the cookies policy you have settled on. 


The cookies help us with the comprehensive analysis of traffic, demographics, customer behaviour on the website, and the types of jobs you are requesting to be done. We use the cookies to explore the market demographics and improve the quality of products and services we provide here at proassignmentwriting.com. 


Each time you visit our website, we use cookies to help us understand and remember the preferences you have for your future visits. You can accept cookies on our website but can also delete them by following the instructions for the specific browser you are using. 


Who can we share your information with?- Third Parties.


We can confidently tell you that we never share, sell, or transfer your personal data by any other means to third parties. We keep your information as confidential and secure as we can. 


This arrangement, however, doesn’t include any other third party we work with in running our website and providing you with the services you order. The parties have also committed never to disclose any information they receive from us. 




We may, from time to time, provide you with additional information for better services. During this time, you may encounter some external links to other companies and organisations. 


We advise that while following these links, you should consider inquiring about other services and products. Alternatively, we may suggest which one of them is best suited for your needs.


However, we will not be liable for any content you get from a third party. All these recommended websites have their individual privacy policies, terms and conditions, which we are not a party to.


We are, however, committed to protecting you and will always encourage you to report any problem you may encounter with the third party links.


How Long Will Your Personal Data Be With Us?


We understand the need to secure your privacy. In that regard, we will not keep your information for longer than required.


We will strive to release your personal data as soon as we can. However, we will keep the data:


  • Within the legally allowed time frame. Anything more than that will not happen.
  • Until we find no reason to have it, it may be after completing your order and receiving the full payment for the same.
  • You may request us to stop using your data, and we will delete it henceforth.


We keep your personal information to ensure we deliver exactly what you indicated in your order. The information you provide us with shall not be disclosed to a third party without your consent. You will have the full authority to request your information erasure once you feel you no longer have any business with us.


However, even with a request to erase your personal data, we will keep your data with us until such a time you are no longer our customer. The information may help us with tax information or following up on your orders. We will provide you with our Data Retention Policy anytime you put up a request.